The Joy a Child Can Bring Into Your Life

Babies bring so much joy and love to the world by just being children. Welcoming a baby in a couple’s life is one of the most exciting things. It makes you look at your life in a new dimension. God sends children to enlarge our hearts.

Bringing a child in your life will open up your mind to a whole new world. Children add so much into our lives than what they take from us. Many people pay attention to what they have to give up for their children but forget what they bring to their lives.

A father lifting his adorable daughter into the air while enjoying a day at the beach

Spending your time with a kid makes you learn not to be so complicated. The childlike view you get from them makes you start appreciating simple things.

Children are the hope and the future of the world. The possibilities and potentials that are within our kids are so much astounding. They are a privilege and an opportunity to create and nature for your precious little miracle.

It is so unfortunate that some couples are unable to have a child for one or two reasons. If you’ve been trying to get a child with no success, you should schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist. There are some treatments and prescriptions that may help you, but if you get confirmation from a specialist that you can’t get a child, there is still hope for you.
Child adoption is the way to go for couples that can’t have children. Discussing this option with your partner first before getting started will make it easy for you and the child.

Do toddlers forget their parents?
Whether toddlers forget their parents is one of the many questions couples planning to adopt a child ask themselves. There is no direct answer to the question. It depends on age and how you treat the child. Of course, no adult can remember his or her second birthday party. If you make toddlers feel loved, they will forget their parents, and take you as their parent.

How do I make my child feel loved?
There are so many things you can do to make a child feel loved. Among the many things is:
• Actively listening when your child wants to talk to you
• Showing affection
• Providing genuine praise
• Enjoying family meals together
• Practising fun activities that will make your child feel special.

Not feeling loved will make your child feel rejected. Rejection from a child is a sign that he or she isn’t feeling loved and appreciated. Even if you’re the biological father or mother, your child may start showing rejection and sometimes suspecting you aren’t the biological parents.

How do you deal with rejection from a child?
There are so many things that contribute to rejection from a child. Knowing the exact cause of rejection is the key to making everything back to normal. Here are some of the things parents getting a rejection from their child should do:
• Ask the child what to do to repair the relationship
• Spend time together
• Consider counselling your child and other forms of support
• Limit your child’s exposure to painful cues
• Bolster the child’s social skills
• Teach them how to differentiate between verbal abuse and constructive criticism.


Bringing joy and making everyone in your house feel loved and valued helps in developing a good relationship with a child. It brings a sense of belonging.

How can I bring joy to my house?
Bringing joy into your house is all about putting efforts to make everyone in your home HAPPY! There are very many things you can do this, but my advice to parenting couples is:
Your children will not be little forever. You need to enjoy being with them now. Spend time with them and appreciate them. In return, they will make you happy and give you a sense of belonging.